Father Thomas Maikowski Honored with Cardinal Stritch Alumni Award

Cardinal Stritch Alumni Award pic
Cardinal Stritch Alumni Award
Image: stritch.edu

Father Thomas Maikowski served as a United States Air Force Academy admissions liaison officer for more than two decades, offering guidance to aspiring cadets at 43 northwestern New Mexico high schools. A scholar of both divinity and education, Father Thomas Maikowski holds two doctorates and four master’s degrees, including a master of arts in special religious education from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Since 1987, the Cardinal Stritch University Alumni Association has maintained an annual Alumni Awards program, which serves as an opportunity for the institution to recognize the professional and personal achievements of its alumni and friends. The association seeks to honor individuals whose values and character are worthy of widespread recognition, as well as those whose professional accomplishments have greatly impacted their fields. In 2010, the Cardinal Stritch University Alumni Association honored Father Thomas Maikowski with its Distinguished Alumni Award for Professional Achievement. This award recognizes Cardinal Stritch graduates who have honored the university with their professional leadership and accomplishments, and whose career achievements have garnered the admiration and respect of their peers.

In addition to recognizing professional success, the alumni awards program also recognizes alumni civic contributions. Collectively, it acknowledges individuals whose works exemplify the mission and values of Cardinal Stritch University, including compassion, a reverence for all creation, the creation of a caring community, and a dedication to facilitating peace.