Father Thomas Maikowski on the History of San Juan College

Established in the mid-1950s, San Juan College started out as a branch of the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts. In those early days, part-time instructors taught classes at night in buildings belonging to Farmington High School. The limited teaching changed in 1965, when the Farmington Board of Education permitted the school make use of other facilities for day and evening classes.

Throughout the next 15 years, the college underwent major construction initiatives that encouraged administrative development and drastically increased enrollment. The campus grew from just over 16,350 square feet in 1968 to nearly 87,500 square feet in the early 1980s.

With this growth, so grew the college’s sense of local connection as well as a desire for independence. On November 17th, 1981, the vast majority of the community voted to separate the school from the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts. In the summer of 1982, the Junior College District of San Juan County, a community college known primarily as San Juan College, was born.

For more information about San Juan College, including financial aid opportunities, please visit http://www.sanjuancollege.edu.

About Father Thomas Maikowski:
After 20 years as an Adjunct Instructor, Father Thomas Maikowski retired from teaching at San Juan College. In addition to his career as educator, he served as Catholic Chaplin in the United States Air Force, from which he retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 2009.