Father Thomas Maikowski’s Religious Education Program at Page High School

Taking cues from the religious education programs implemented by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Father Thomas Maikowski engineered a similar plan for Catholic education at Page High School in Page, Arizona. The Pastoral Administrator of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Father Thomas Maikowski now provides invaluable religious guidance and education to Catholic high school students through his congregation, located across the street from Page High School. For several years, the Church of Latter Day Saints has allowed students to study theology before beginning the normal high school day. In Page, the program grants students 90 minutes of personalized instruction every other day. Father Thomas Maikowski constructed his program after consulting with teachers at the local Church of Latter Day Saints seminary and learning about the basic elements of a release time religious instruction period. He subsequently met with administrators at Page High School to implement the program.

When the release time course began, Father Thomas Maikowski taught 15 students utilizing a curriculum similar to those used in religion classes at Catholic high schools throughout the United States. Generally, Catholic institutions provide religious training on Sundays for one hour. Through the release time model, Father Thomas Maikowski enjoys the ability to provide a more in-depth analysis of doctrine. The small class setting also allows the students to engage directly with Father Thomas Maikowski and enter into meaningful discussions about the material.